Sono, the community driven currency...

The SONO project is a crypto venture built by young entrepreneurs who wish to spread the word of cryptocurrency.

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Proof of Stake

Sono combines both PoS and Pow!

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Sono supports masternodes!

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Web Wallet

Sono has a web wallet so you can access your coin from anywhere!

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We have a whitepaper and access to source code.

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What makes Sono awesome!

Sono is a community driven project with an ever expanding list of features. It has a dedicated team that has the drive to make every change necessary to make this coin a success.

With an exhange on the horizon and the price of Sono on the rise, its never been a better time to invest in this expansive project.

SonoX an Exchange built with you in mind.

SonoX is a long awaited project in the community that has the aim of building an entire exchange around the Sono coin name. Built by developers you can trust it will be a great way for advanced and new users to buy, sell and trade coins.

  • Secure transactions.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Easy to use.
  • Full support whenever you need.
  • A name you can trust.

Download the Latest version of our wallet.

Here you can find our source code for our wallet and our Whitepaper.

Our Team


Founder & Community manager

Born and currently living in Denmark. I live with a passion for crypto currency and wish to share this with the world in my many projects.


Co-founder & Head of development

Originally from Holland, I moved to the UK to pursue a career in web development. I've got a great passion for everything to do with the world of crypto and strive to share this with our community.


Lead Developer


Esports Manager

I’m born and raised in Denmark, where gaming and esport always have been a part of my life. Therefore it is natural for me to be the esports manager of Sono. I will do whatever it takes to make Sono a part of the eSports world.


We have a blog page that is kept up to date so you can find out anything you need to.

Hear the latest on our big and upcoming projects...

Whether it's a new emote or a whole new language added to the coin, you can be sure to here abouut it on teh blog.
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We go into detail...

We think it's important to give you as much detail into our projects as possible. There is nothing worse than silent dev team.
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Why even have a blog?

Having this blog means newcomers can see our dedication and long term users can see how committed we are to our community and the coin.
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