Whether you are reading a blog or watching a blog, they tend to have one thing in common – the use of animation. Imagine you are watching a Ted-Ed video, or you’re watching any other YouTube video that is enlightening you on a new topic. You will see that all these platforms use animation because if the video were only full of information, it would rather feel flat, and the depth of this message would get lost in boredom. However, when you try to explain the same concept using animation, the same video becomes interesting and triggers the viewers’ imagination. Hence, if you want to build strong online visibility, you should know how to explain its best benefit.

Videos are the visual form through which you can spread information as well as entertainment. They are visually attractive and appealing, and hence, they can attract people’s attention quite easily compared to other forms of media. However, this is not the same when it comes to videos that contain the explanation of a concept. While people may be eager to learn about a new concept, their eagerness is not mistaken for their attention and patience. They may only watch the video as long as it intrigues them and holds their interest. They may soon close the video and move on to some other video in the absence of the same. If you want to increase your online visibility, people skipping or discontinuing to watch your video may be a major setback.

What is an Explanation?

As the name suggests, it is – explanations in 60 seconds animations. This concept’s main goal is to provide explanations using animation so that it can be made more interesting and engaging. The shorter the videos, the better. However, even in this short time, the animated video should convey the message effectively.

Uses of Explanimation

The use of explanimation can help you increase your online visibility to a great extent. Here are some points as to why it can be a very helpful tool.

  • First and foremost, they make the video instantly appealing and engaging, which makes the viewers want to not just click on the video but also view it till the end.
  • It is a creative way of presenting your topic and explaining the concept to your viewers. These days, with so many videos out there, people are constantly devoted to giving their time only to the best quality videos.

  • When you use explanimation to explain your videos, more people will watch the video, which means that you will earn more online exposure.

The competition today in any field is high and adds to this; it is not just humans competing with one another. Humans also need to compete with artificial intelligence today since they take away most manual jobs.

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