Adrian Cooper, the editor of Bitcoin Reporter has the benefit of 40 years high level experience in founding and managing national hight technology companies and in the financial markets, bringing an in depth insight, commentary and reporting to Bitcoin, which is a perfect blend of technology and finance.

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Adrian is a visionary being the founder of the first national computer software company in Britain over 30 years ago, with tens of millions in sales, employing over 70 people, and supplying many of the largest companies, local and central government departments, universities and other educational establishments and much more.

Over 20 years ago Adrian realised the vast potential of the then extremely embryonic Internet to change the world, before the Internet was really known about at all, for placing communications and networking in the hands of the people, instead of large, centrally controlled media companies. He then went on to create the first fully national Internet Service Provider to bring local Internet access to the whole of Britain including outlying islands, overcoming very considerable technical and logistical challenges in the process.

Adrian has been very closely involved with the technological evolution of the Internet as business owner and operator, technologist and programmer, being involved in several crucial Internet developments, including as a tester for the first web servers, browsers and other technologies, and remains closely involved with the Internet today, designing and developing his own websites including Bitcoin Reporter.

Adrian has also been very involved with the global financial markets for the last 35 years, having traded just about every available financial instrument, later focusing on Gold and Silver which he has traded for all 35 years, and Foreign Exchange, and has also heavily researched the forces and influences behind the global financial markets for over 30 years, and is an expert in these areas, specialising in deep and experienced fundamental analysis, supported by technical analysis where appropriate.

As a Visionary who had accurately predicted numerous technological innovations before they actually happened, Adrian foresees vast potential for Bitcoin as a force of change for humanity, every bit as much, if not more than the Internet itself.

Virtually all misery and suffering in the world today can be traced back to the financial system and fiat currencies which exist only for the benefit of a very few wealthy, powerful and corrupt individuals who also control governments, the banking system, the mainstream media, the military, food, health, pharmaceutical and much more, at the expense of the vast majority of people who suffer as a result.

Bitcoin takes money out of the hands of corrupt banking and government influences and places it in the hands of the people where it belongs, as a store of value.

Nothing can or will stop Bitcoin which is rising for the benefit of humanity just as the corrupt global financial and banking system is imploding to destruction.

Bitcoin will become the new Global Money, store of value and medium of exchange.

Bitcoin Reporter is here to bring to you original, expert in depth insights, news, commentary, analysis, services and much more as Bitcoin rapidly evolves to become a new global monetary system.

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