If your child’s birthday falls on or around Christmas, you may be thinking about incorporating the holiday into your party’s theme. When Christmas draws near, you’ll likely find great deals on Christmas decorations and supplies at inexpensive places like your local dollar store or

If you can find a good deal on small Christmas stockings, use them for goodie bags for the kids to take home instead of regular party goodie bags. Another fun idea is to have Christmas music playing in the background throughout the party.

The following are some fun game and activity ideas for an Easter themed birthday party. Use these ideas or put your own spin on them to come up with some creative and fun activities for the kids.


Christmas Cookies

Buy or make sugar cookies ahead of time. If possible, have cookies in fun Christmas shapes, such as candy cane, reindeer and Christmas stocking shapes. Have plenty of frosting and sprinkles on hand, and allow each child to decorate a few cookies to take home. As a tip, use a disposable table cloth on the table, and perhaps even on the floor. This will help with the inevitable cleanup you’ll be doing later.

Decorate the Tree

Another great food activity is tree decorating. I’m not referring to your family’s Christmas tree (although that could be a great party activity for kids too, just avoid letting htem handle sharp hooks), but ice cream cone trees. Purchase inverted ice cream cones (the pointy-bottomed sugar cones) and let the kids go wild covering them with green frosting and decorating them with silver and gold candy balls, mini m ms;, shoestring licorice, sprinkles and mini gumdrops .

Music Games

Play the classic version of Musical Chairs and Limbo, but for a festive holiday twist, use upbeat Christmas music, such as “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” or “Jingle Bell Rock”.

Pass the Present

This game is similar to the ‘Hot Potato’ game, but instead you use presents. The person holding the present when the music stops gets to open and keep the present. Have that child sit out the next round. When the game is down to 2 kids, you may want to name them both the winners or be sure give the last child a prize, this way everyone wins something. Choose small inexpensive gifts so that everyone wins a prize.


Cut a four-foot Christmas tree shape out of felt and hang it on a door or the wall. Use another piece of felt or fabric and make a bullseye area in the center. Purchase ping pong balls and affix Velcro to them, these are snowballs. (Alternatively, you can find small, lightweight colored balls and make them the “ornaments). Have each child take a turn throwing the snowballs at the tree. Whoever gets closest to the bullseye winds a prize.

Tip: for all games with prizes, consider keeping the prizes under the Christmas tree and letting them select one from under the tree!


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