Communication is the exchange of information, you can locally or remotely. The term media telecommunications distance. Data communication is the exchange of data between devices via some form of transmission medium, such as wire rope. The effectiveness of the disclosure of information depends on three fundamental characteristics:

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The message sent by the source system known correct delivery to the destination is correctas the surrender.


The system must be exactly the message of the target system if no data is transferred from one system to another system is replaced or modified and the same bits used incorrectly received any results on the target system to read the message


The message sent by the source system must provide details of destination in time for the ‘. Data transmitted and delivered late to the target areuseless.

The data communication deals with the five network components are:


The message is, or to transfer data or other information transmitted form the source system to the target system. This message can be text, in the form of images, sounds, shape, or a combination of these forms.


The sender is the device or the source system sends this message. May be a computer, workstation, telephone, etc.


is the target device or system that the sender receives from the source system or device. May be a computer, workstation, telephone, etc.


a means of transmission is the physical way in which a message travels from the sender to the receiving device, or from the source system to the target system.


A communication protocol is the range of rules and regulations governing the data. Draws a connection between the institutionsource systems and target system is communication. Without this protocol can not establish the connection between the source system and target system or device between the sender to the receiver.

In data communications marketing can present text, audio and video images. The text is presented as a sequence of bits, a sequence of bits. Several groups of bit patterns are constructed to be called the symbols of text as code.

ThisData representation to follow certain rules:


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is developing a code called American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII). This code uses seven bits for each ASCII character to represent it.Extended: This is similar to ASCII, but requires more than a bit ASCII code of a sample of each byte (8 bits). This extended ASCII adds zero to 7 bits left for a model of a former bytes: 01,111,111 shape. UNICODE: This is Unicodedeveloped to understand to understand the other language, as previously developed codes only English. A coalition of hardware and software is called Unicode. This 16-bit and can be up to 65536 characters. ISO: This is International Organization for Standardization, designed with a 32-bit code pattern. Facts & Images also bit pattern, the image in an array of pixels divided

The communication between two devices or systems may differ in the direction ofFlow:


one-way mode, the communication is unidirectional, ie only a system capable of transmitting system at a time, and others may receive a time. Keyboard and monitor are examples of simplex devices.

Half duplex:

In half-duplex mode can send and receive, but not at the same time. When a device sends the other can only receive, and vice versa. Walkie-talkies are for example for half-duplex systems.

Full duplex: Infull-duplex mode can send and receive both systems simultaneously. The full-duplex mode is like a one way street with traffic flowing in both directions simultaneously. This information exchange can happen in two ways:

  • Whether the link must consist of two physically separate transmission, one for sending and one for receiving.
  • The channel capacity is divided between the signals travel in both directions.
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