Minecraft can be confusing as well as a creative game both at the same time. You can play this game on any device like PC, mobile phone, X-Box, and much more. It is absolutely fun to play as your main aim is to collect the resources and try not to get killed by the zombies at night or by falling down from the higher place. If you are facing issues in collecting essential resources, then you can buy a free Minecraft account as there are tons of sellers available out there.

In order to build the elevator, you need to begin by building a simple elevator, which might require only eight things to build. Now here are some of the things that you will be required in order to build an elevator like number one is Redstone, slime blocks, observers, obsidian, sticky pistons, regular pistons, decorative blocks of your choice, and buttons. Now you need to focus on the base of the elevator, so you need to begin with the bottom.

You need to add pistons on the bottom, which will help in pushing the elevator upward, and without that, your elevator won’t work, and also you need to observe the sticky pistons for reference purpose because if not, then you might face issues in building the elevator. Now the thing you need to do is start digging a hole, and that should be according to the measurement. You should begin with five blocks by three blocks by four blocks as it will be a perfect base for the elevator.

The hole should be four blocks deep

The mechanism of the elevator should be hidden inside the ground, and for that, you need to dig the hole for like up to four blocks. The elevator will be quite tall, so the mechanism will be much more on the base, which is why the four blocks deep hole will help in hiding all of them in a perfect way. Now after digging the hole, you need to do is place the sticky piston and that should be facing the wall. 

Now what you need to do is decorate the piston with decorative stones, and on the top of that, you can place Redstone. Now what you need to do is you have to place the button and not alone the button but with the decorative stone. That button will be going to activate the elevator, so without the button, you won’t be able to run the mechanism.

Keep decorating the blocks

Now your second sticky piston needs to be facing upwards, and place the obsidian block in front of it. Make sure about the gap as there should be at least one block gap in between those. Now on the top of the obsidian, you need to place two slime blocks as that thing will be going to help in building a stronger base. The first observer needs to have its face down pointed as this thing will be going to help in observing the gap between sticky piston and obsidian. 

Now the elevator will work in a way like when the sticky piston will power the observer when it goes off. The next thing that will happen will be that the observer will be going to power the sticky piston, and hence you will be on the top of it. Now in this way, you can easily move up with the help of the elevator, or we can say you can build a moving elevator in no time.

Play with friends

To make this game more interesting and easy, you should invite your friends over to the game. Now you do not have to build the elevator alone as your friends will be going to help you a lot. Also, on the other hand, you can talk with each other with the help of the voice chat feature, so if you are interested, then you must do it. Any one of you can die in the game because of the zombie or falling in the lava, so you need to help each other in guiding.

The main purpose of playing with friends is to guide each other, so if you know Minecraft better than your friends, then it is your responsibility to guide them so that they can easily come to make progress with you within the game.

Play creative mode

There are two modes in the game first one is the survival mode, and the second one is the creative mode. You can try creative mode in which there is no need to collect the items as you will get every item unlocked in the Minecraft. So all you need to do is open up your inventory and choose the items, and also, on the other hand, you can easily come to search the items. 

There is an option of search available by which you can find the items simply by searching it, so make sure that you are aware about the names. You can also use spells on your weapons and on your armor, by which you will become super strong that no one can be able to kill you, neither zombies nor lava. So in this way, you can easily achieve victory in the game.

Thus, in the end, we can say that Minecraft is the game of creativity, and if you are the one who wishes to build the home of your dream, then this is the opportunity.

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