Although this piece of equipment may look like some sort of mysterious spacial debris, the only thing actually spacey about it is its echo. Having four different buttons and six separate dials, the possibility for variation with this device is absolutely endless. There are 16 different vintage delays and echo effects that are built in to the piece. The best part is, every one of them can be manipulated in their way to the user’s liking. Perhaps the most convenient feature this stomp box manifests is its tap-tempo button. After turning on the delay of choice, the user can simply tap Button D three or more times to make the echo timing exactly the way desired. This proves to be not only unique but amazingly helpful to performers in a live setting.

The built-memory of this stomp box is premium. Upon finding a setting of choice, the exact specifications can be stored in one of four sections, A, B, C or D (which are the four silver buttons on it’s face). This feature also boasts ease yet again. While a guitarist is playing, simply tapping one of the four buttons will immediately initiate the saved setting. The four can be interchanged at any time. On most delay pedals to date, changing of setting our sound requires the player to kneel down and dial by hand. The DL4 insists on making the process simple and easy for its master by requiring foot press only.

Although only capable by the memory aforementioned, the DL4’s loop possibilities are the most amazing of all its characteristics and deserves to be solely discussed. After choosing the loop setting, the instrumentalist can engage the effect by pushing Button A. The memory will record a perfect emulation of what was played for up to 14 seconds. By pressing Button B, the recording stops and the loop is stored. At this point, the game gets intense. With your previously made loop, a guitarist can add any number of layers atop the initial. Depending on which button chosen, the loop can be placed in continuous playback, or single playback. By single tapping Button D, the loop can either be slowed to half time or sped to double time, whichever preferred. In addition to this, by quickly double tapping the same button, the loop will continually playback in reverse. This allows for the creation of all kinds of unique noises and sounds.

With so many different capabilities, its no question that this is one of the most unique guitar effects on the market. For what would easily cost $1000 in separate pedals, Line 6 offers this all-in-one super pedal for just around $250. Any musician will quickly recognize the diversity of this machine. Guitarists everywhere will lust after the atmosphere that this simple gadget can accommodate.

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