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Are you looking for the best Local Computer Repair Technician? Points To Consider!!!

Choosing a genuine computer repair technician can be a difficult task when so many options are available in the market.  Solving a complicated problem in a computer can be a difficult task for a person because it requires a certified and reputed technician that can solve an issue. This particular system has become an integral part of life. Opt for a genuine work service technician that offers an instant solution. A person should opt for a qualified technician that can solve a complicated issue in the system. Users should Visit now for laptop technicians in Perth and choose the best one.  Searching the best computer service technician has become easier through the worth of mouth, family, friends, and co-workers. 

So many online tools are out there that will help you in finding genuine computer repair technicians like directory websites, Company rating websites, and others. The following are important considerations that a person must take into the account while selecting a Computer Repair Technician.

  • Use an online search engine.

The majority of the folks are choosing the technician using a search engine. Opt for an effective and certified computer repair technician that will help you in solving the complicated problem. A person should utilize proper time in finding a genuine technician. A proficient technician will able to repair the Computer, remove virus, and will assemble a computer.  You will just choose the best person who can fix a complicated issue on the computer.

  • Check website

So you have found a perfect platform that is providing service that you need. Therefore, a user should check so many important things like level of qualification, experience, certifications, and other things.  Some great laptop technicians are offering high-end quality services at nominal worth.  Reference will help you in choosing the genuine computer service. If possible, then one should choose a technician through a referral system.

  • Worth

You should make a relevant comparison to the service cost in several shops.  Recently, so many repairing companies are providing fantastic service at nominal worth.  If you want to improve the performance of your computer, then you should make contact with a technician who will fix a complicated problem.

  • Location

To save money on transportation costs, a person should choose a local laptop technician that will able to fix the problems. So many repairing shops are out there that is offering some great technician who will able to perform the repair works at home. A genuine computer repairing shop is associated with skilled and honest technicians. 

  • Check testimonials

While searching for a local computer expert, a user should check the review on popular websites like Yelp, Google, that is providing genuine bureau of business. You will able to get a perfect idea of the best companies in the local area. Users should ask from friends, co-workers, and family regarding the best technician.

  • Technical support on-site

Some companies are offering on-site support. They will able to diagnose complicated issues on the computer.  A lot of technicians are charging the extra cost for service and offering a genuine service. If you have a busy schedule, then you should always opt for a company with on-site support.

  • Worth of service

A person should create a list of the best technicians and consider a genuine one that will able to offer an instant solution to the users. The majority of the computer repair companies are charging as pr kinds of jobs. A person should pay fixed rates. In case they are replacing parts, then you will have to pay additional charges.

  • Guarantee of services

Thousands of reputed and certified companies come with No fix, no fee policy. It means, if they can’t fix your issue, then they will not charge a penny for the service. All you need to opt for an honest technician that will able to offer genuine service to you.  In case they are asking for a lot of money for the repairing related tasks, then it would be better to purchase a computer. Opt for a perfect technician that will surely offer the warranties on the part.

  • Personal recommendations

While choosing any computer repairing service, a person should pay close attention on the personal recommendation. A person must opt for a trustworthy technician that can fix the problem on a time.  After hiring a technician, user must ask so many important questions about, customer service, knowledge, qualification, data security and others. 

  • Look for different computer repair services

One has to find out best computer repairing services that will able to offer so many services. Majority of the best companies are offering auxiliary service. One has to choose a company that will able to give so many options. Some companies are providing cursory troubleshooting at free of cost. 

  • Credentials

Before hiring a technician, a person must check the credentials. You should choose a technician that already has a insurance to cover the damage. They accidently broke a hard drive, so you can easily get coverage. Consumer should choose a fully licensed and qualified technician that can fix the complicated issues in the computer.

The Final Verdict

Lastly, few companies are available in the market that well-versed in the repairing and software fixtures. One should opt for a repairing company that can handle both complicated service. It is important to consider a company that can deal with so many computer repairs.

An Introduction to PHP-Server Side Scripting

PHP is a scripting language which is also a programming language resembling “C” .Scripting language generally does not compile the written code, which is the case with PHP. It is among the very powerful category of programming languages. How scripting languages differ from programming languages? A scripting language does something only in response to events. A programming language does something even when it’s not responding to events. You get the best of both worlds here as it combines the positives of both programming and scripting. JavaScript is an example of a scripting language too; however its falls under the client side scripting language category. Here we are talking about the web server and the user’s browser. The browser is the client side and web server is on the server side. Unlike JavaScript which runs on the web browser, PHP runs on the web server.

PHP is designed to be used with html .It can be embedded with html, used alongside html and in the end return html to the browser.PHP pages will be the input while web pages will be the output. Files need to be ended with a .php extension to let the server know what we are talking about here. This is to ensure that the file is interpreted as PHP.PHP provides a lot more flexibility than html though.Html pages are static in nature. All visitors to the page see the same content with html, while they will see dynamic content when PHP is used. The page content can change based on interactions with the user or data stored in a database. If you know html, PHP can be imagined as turbo charging of html.PHP is similar in syntax with C, Java or Perl.ASP which stands for Active Server Pages is the Microsoft version on PHP.Its free and open source .There are certain licenses and restrictions of course. Being open source is one of the main reasons that it has grown so much. There are various versions available so that you can grab the source code, learn from it compile the language itself.

PHP is quite stable, fast and more importantly cross platform in nature. You can use PHP across platforms windows development server, Linux production server, Macintosh testing server or whatever you like in the same way. There may be slight web server concerns, but for the most part hassles are minimal. The next characteristic is that of no compilation. Being a scripting language, you don’t have to compile it .You just need to put your scripts into the folder where they will get executed on the server side. Your browser displays the results almost instantaneously or depending on how busy that web server is. You can grab the binary files and just install it. Apart from some minor configuration issues, it’s mostly easy to use and get started. There is also an active community where you’ll be able to download open source solutions, extend them and learn from them. A lot of code sharing goes on when it comes to PHP community which is one of the strongest out there. It is a very open community, which is slowly adding solutions that can be purchased. If you want further information on working with PHP and protect your source code check out the following website.

It’s a wonderful language to write scripts and codes using arrays, strings etc. which other languages may have problems with.PHP is also object oriented which is slowly becoming a trend.

All Servers Down for Hours After Blizzard’s Pre-WotLK WoW Patch


Nov 12 – All servers are down AGAIN, this time for a last minute ‘scheduled maintenance’. Servers went down at approximately 7:00 AM Eastern time, with the only estimate being that servers should start going up again in 3 hours.


Apparently mail wasn’t the only problem after this patch – many servers reported PVP gear pricing being out of whack, which some PVP gear being severely discounted or absolutely free. Blizzard has requested that WoW players refrain from exploiting this bug.


Blizzard has just announced that realms *should* be back up by 9:00 PM Eastern Time and WoW players will receive in-game mail about the mail issue…

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, World of Warcraft (WoW) has been completely disabled with all servers down since 8AM Eastern Time. The fact that all WoW servers/realms are down on a Tuesday morning isn’t unexpected – every WoW player knows that Tuesday is traditionally patch/maintenance day – but according to a blue post on the official Blizzard World of Warcraft website posted by the official Blizzard Poster Edralor, today’s patch threw everyone for a real loop. Apparently all mail in WoW player’s mailboxes pre-patch disappeared post-patch on every server. Every.Server.

Yikes! While Blizzard appears to be working diligently to repair this all-realm error, there is still no time estimate available as to when any servers will be up. This is affecting all WoW realms, both United States and Oceanic.

Many WoW players were anticipating an update of the pre-WotLK world events on the servers today, which started with a Zombie Plague and then moved in to a Scourge Invasion. Orgimmar (a major Horde faction city) was apparently under attack by frost wyrmlings and other monsters, and the Stormwind (a major Alliance faction city) had the King down at the Harbor as of late yesterday. So today’s all-server down time delay is a real frustration for those of us eager to find out what the WoW world event had to bring next, especially with the WotLK release date of November 13 just around the corner.

With millions of players scrambling to complete their Burning Crusade quests, add to their Achievements list, and amass as much WoW goldz as possible pre-release, this server down time snafu couldn’t have come at a worse time. New players should take heed that massive lag, server queues, and extended down time should be expected once WotLK is released – don’t assume you’ll zip right through leveling and hit 80 on your WoW main character by the weekend.

Take advantage of the server down time to research Northrend quests or find tips on leveling your professions – or have a back up game to take the edge off while you wait for your server to be available again. I’ll be working on more articles including how I earned over 20,000 gold in 6 weeks in preparation for the WotLK release, so be sure to subscribe to my articles or add my profile to your favorites for that and other articles to maximize your WoW experience.

And cross your fingers that servers will be up in time for you to meet your pre-release goals!

Welcome to the Birthday Wars

I am a reasonable kind of gal with practical kinds of tastes. I don’t like giant to-dos or shin digs. I prefer modest, quiet engagements filled with people who mean the most to me. Big soirees are not my thing, but I won’t judge if it floats someone else’s proverbial boat.

Okay, not exactly.

Perhaps that isn’t 100 percent accurate. I won’t judge stark soirees unless ponies and trapeze artists get involved. I’m human, and that’s outrageous no matter how you cut it.


When my 10-year-old joined a competitive cheerleading gym, I became intensely familiar with a yet-to-be-filmed-on-Animal-Planet-phenomena known as the “cheer mom”. These ladies would bling themselves out in zebra print frocks, head to toe glitter and bedazzle their own eyelids if they thought it would somehow allow them live a little more vicariously through their daughter than they already were. Yet, I digress. Instead of discussing the phenomena, let’s examine the birthday parties.

Birthday Wars

I’m not quite sure which one of the moms started it, but somehow, somewhere along the way we went from pancakes to triple layer cakes, ponies and spa days for 8-year-olds. Color me old fashioned, but what happened to cake, piñatas and dollar store tiaras?

These women were at war, and like many other warmongers before them, I don’t think they thought through the costs.

I Know Something You Don’t Know

I’m not a curmudgeon (completely). I believe in having a lovely time, but there was a seedy underbelly to the birthday wars, that only I was privy to.

Affording the Birthday Wars

As a real estate professional, I had consulted several of these cheer moms after they came to me seeking advice to avoid foreclosure. They were throwing $1,500 shindigs and paying $15,000 a year for their daughter to cheer, but they couldn’t keep up with their mortgage payment. And it wasn’t just one family, it was several.

For nine months, I sat back and watch mother after mother spend money she didn’t have on things she didn’t need in order to impress people that she genuinely didn’t even like, and all the while, the bank was calling.

Granted, I am not saying that a child’s birthday party was to blame for the entire these families teetering on the precipice of financial ruin, but it is a clear example of how overspending can land you in a world of trouble. A couple of these families actually lost their homes because they refused to change their ways. When asked to justify the birthday expense, I never heard a decent reason from any one of the generals of the Birthday Wars.

So I ask you: How much is “too much” to spend on a child’s birthday party?

Birthday Party Holiday Themes: Christmas

If your child’s birthday falls on or around Christmas, you may be thinking about incorporating the holiday into your party’s theme. When Christmas draws near, you’ll likely find great deals on Christmas decorations and supplies at inexpensive places like your local dollar store or

If you can find a good deal on small Christmas stockings, use them for goodie bags for the kids to take home instead of regular party goodie bags. Another fun idea is to have Christmas music playing in the background throughout the party.

The following are some fun game and activity ideas for an Easter themed birthday party. Use these ideas or put your own spin on them to come up with some creative and fun activities for the kids.


Christmas Cookies

Buy or make sugar cookies ahead of time. If possible, have cookies in fun Christmas shapes, such as candy cane, reindeer and Christmas stocking shapes. Have plenty of frosting and sprinkles on hand, and allow each child to decorate a few cookies to take home. As a tip, use a disposable table cloth on the table, and perhaps even on the floor. This will help with the inevitable cleanup you’ll be doing later.

Decorate the Tree

Another great food activity is tree decorating. I’m not referring to your family’s Christmas tree (although that could be a great party activity for kids too, just avoid letting htem handle sharp hooks), but ice cream cone trees. Purchase inverted ice cream cones (the pointy-bottomed sugar cones) and let the kids go wild covering them with green frosting and decorating them with silver and gold candy balls, mini m ms;, shoestring licorice, sprinkles and mini gumdrops .

Music Games

Play the classic version of Musical Chairs and Limbo, but for a festive holiday twist, use upbeat Christmas music, such as “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” or “Jingle Bell Rock”.

Pass the Present

This game is similar to the ‘Hot Potato’ game, but instead you use presents. The person holding the present when the music stops gets to open and keep the present. Have that child sit out the next round. When the game is down to 2 kids, you may want to name them both the winners or be sure give the last child a prize, this way everyone wins something. Choose small inexpensive gifts so that everyone wins a prize.


Cut a four-foot Christmas tree shape out of felt and hang it on a door or the wall. Use another piece of felt or fabric and make a bullseye area in the center. Purchase ping pong balls and affix Velcro to them, these are snowballs. (Alternatively, you can find small, lightweight colored balls and make them the “ornaments). Have each child take a turn throwing the snowballs at the tree. Whoever gets closest to the bullseye winds a prize.

Tip: for all games with prizes, consider keeping the prizes under the Christmas tree and letting them select one from under the tree!


Holiday House Hunting

When you are selling your house there are a million questions that run on a continuous loop through your mind like when should I lower prices, how should I decorate, and should I keep my home on the market during the holidays? While I’m not so sure about the first few questions here are a few pros and cons of keeping your house on the market during the holiday season.


  1. Buyers that look for houses during the holidays are generally more serious about buying than others. It takes a lot of gumption to get out in the cold and house hunt so buyers willing to venture out into the elements are going to be much more intent on finding a house that is right for them.
  2. Your home is generally at its best during the holidays. With family coming and going and the spirit of giving in the air homes are generally more inviting during the holidays.
  3. Opportunities for house hunting are more prevalent. Many people use their weekends to rush around and see as many houses as possible, during the holidays vacations are longer and there isn’t such a harried feeling when looking at houses.
  4. Buyers are much more prepared to purchase a house at the end of the year and get the housekeeping out of the way. Buyers generally want to use their vacation for the most benefit and if they are seriously looking for a new home it could be the perfect expanse of time to wrap up loose ends and find that perfect home.
  5. The holidays put people in a different mindset. Where they may have been rushed and stressed during their other home buying experiences during the year, seeing family and friends and getting a chance to relax puts buyers at ease and makes it easier for them to say yes to the commitment of buying a home.


  1. Buyers will be able to see just what your home is lacking in regards to holiday function. Buyers that purchase a home earlier in the year don’t generally think about what it will be like for holiday functions, if you have it all set up they may see just what it is lacking.
  2. It’s much harder to be ready for a showing at a moment’s notice especially if you have company staying with you during the holidays.
  3. The timing at the end of the year is a bit off. Buyers generally want to close the sale in the month that they make it and sales generally take longer during the holiday season because it is the holiday season.
  4. Some buyers may think you are desperate. By keeping your house on the market during the slow season that is the holidays, some buyers may think you are just desperate to sell.
  5. Offers will be lower than list price. Because of the end of the year buyers will be more aware of what they were able to afford during the year and what they weren’t, making their budgets decrease accordingly. This breeds wariness in the buyer because they begin to doubt how much they really can afford.

As always, I am not a professional realtor and if you have serious questions about selling your home during the holiday or really any season you should talk to a realtor in your area. What time is right to sell is completely up to the individual.

Find Real Estate for Sale on Google

Google strives to be the most relevant and useful search tool in the world. That goal leads to many innovative and new ideas on how data and information can be used by consumers on the Internet. One great example of this can be found in the Google maps section of the search giants website.

When you go to Google maps, you can actually use the site to help you find property to buy. Forget a good book or a cheap appliance, you could just find your next home on Google. And finding the home is the first step to signing the all important real estate forms that make you a homeowner when you close on your mortgage.

Finding real estate on Google is a simple, straightforward process. Go to Google maps and if you don’t already have your zip code saved, type it into the search bar. You can also type in a zip code for any other area where you would like to find real estate.

When the map has loaded, there will be a “More” button at the top of it. Hovering your mouse over this more button will drop down a list of options for you to chose from, one of which is real estate. Put a check mark in the real estate box and the map will reload with homes listed for sale marked on the map and a list of the homes on the left hand side with links to their listings.

At the top of the left hand column you can adjust the settings to find just the kind of home you are looking for. You can set a minimum and maximum price for the home you want to find. You can also set whether you want to see regular for sale listings or foreclosures.

More settings allow you to further refine your search by selecting the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you are interested in as well as setting a minimum and maximum square footage for the floor space of the home.

The listings for the homes have the price, a brief description of the offer and the address of the property. Clicking on the links takes you to a listing page on Google where you can get more information about the home, if it is available.

The listing pages also feature a close in map of the neighborhood, a link to the Real Estate Company or agent who placed the listing and a Google Maps street view of the address if that is available.

If you’re in the market to buy a new home, give Google a shot and see if you can’t get a good idea of a home you like before you even have to talk to a real estate agent.

The Caveman Diet Revolutionized Our Lives!

Over a year ago, I was at the grocery store and overheard a woman talking loudly about the Caveman diet. Although I found her prattle a bit obnoxious, I was intrigued enough to go home and check this diet out.

A few weeks later, while visiting my sister-in-law, a registered nurse, we enjoyed several unusual meals: no potatoes, grains or sugar. Instead, we ate lots of vegetables, meat, fruit and nuts. As she is so petite, I asked her about this style of food. She advised that their family followed the Caveman Diet. She then explained that this style of eating was very satisfying. Avoiding sugars, grains and potatoes was eliminating any form of sugar. Instead, she ate grass fed or wild game meat, fish, eggs (the only dairy she consumes) veggies, mushrooms, fruit, nuts, seeds and olive oil.

Before we left, she gave me The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain. I read this book on our flight back, carefully taking notes. This was not just about food, this was an entire lifestyle change! My husband, an enthusiastic carnivore, was all about pursuing this diet. I, on the other hand was not as eager to pursue this diet. I love bread and pasta and always enjoyed an afternoon sweet. Then again, when I was slim and trim, I avoided all of these things.

Although the first few weeks seemed odd, we soon learned to adjust to this new lifestyle. A lot of food is about habits – eating mashed potatoes with meat, toast with eggs or a sugar laden dessert for dinner. My husband found the adjustment much easier. After the short adjustment period, I found that I had more energy and the fat around my waist was starting to get smaller.

To make the Caveman Diet work for us, we found that eating at home was the key to our success. This way, we could control how we cooked the food and made sure that we consumed the correct ingredients. Because I want to get all of the necessary fruits, vegetables and fiber, we eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. For example, instead of relying on milk products or cheese for calcium, we eat vegetables such as kale, bok choy or collard greens, as well as almonds for calcium.

When we go out for a meal, we usually go to American style steakhouses and order a meal with just vegetables and either fish or meat. We ask them to not bring the bread bowl to our table. As many people already follow the high protein, Atkins Diet, we have found that most restaurants are both accommodating and prepared to handle our requests.

Although I feel healthier with the Caveman Diet, I still am tempted. What can be tough – and where I tend to cheat – is when there are celebrations and cake or other treats are served. Sometimes I avoid such gatherings and it seems unnecessary to miss out on social occasions to avoid a food group. Often, I will bring a bowl of cut up fresh fruit, with chopped nuts, on top of the delicious fruit.

Yet, because of our success, many of our friends are now following the Caveman Diet. Following this diet with someone else is also helpful. Most of all, despite avoiding several foods including all grains, our meals are full of healthy variety and taste!

Pregnant with HIV

The coming out of the late Sarah Jane Salazar in the 90’s was the the first time the Philippines became aware about AIDS. She had been a public figure and her moves became news to her countrymen. She made us cautious about the things we touched and in dealing with our friends and neighbors because we thought that it could be contracted by usage of public toilets or sharing dining plates and silver wares.Fortunately,further research and information campaign made it clear to us that it could only be obtained by getting intimate with the infected individuals, getting exposed to the infected body fluids and by blood transfusion. However, Sarah got us even more terrified when she announced that she got pregnant. We were afraid that her unborn would get her disease. We knew a little about the course of disease perinatally, back then.Fortunately, the medication she took made Lyka safe from the HIV.

According to the article written by Marino in, the usage of antiretrovirals has helped in the reduction of perinatal transmissions of HIV from 25.5 % to 8 %. The exact mechanism of transmission is still unknown.The American Congress of Ostetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) website says that it can happen anytime during pregnancy through the fetomaternal circulation , by passage through the birth canal and by breastfeeding.The risk is highest among those with high viral load.

Marino wrote that the ACOG recommends routine screening of the HIV for those who are 19 to 64 years old.However, several state laws urged the signing of consent forms prior to the testing.In the Philippines, the screening is not yet mandatory because consent also has to be granted before physicians request for the HIV test.Complete blood count ,lipid profile, renal and liver function profiles, CD4 count and HIV RNA copy number, which determines viral load, are obtained to evaluate the condition of the patient. High viral load and low CD4 levels, according to the ACOG website, indicate risk of transmitting the virus to the fetus. Marino added further that antiretroviral resistance studies must be done before initiating any antiHIV medications.However, those who presents late in the pregnancy should start taking the drugs while they wait for the results to come out. The antiretrovirals could make the viral load undetectable in 6 months time. Otherwise, the failure in treatment is likely.According to Gonzales et al., the Pediatric Aids Clinical Trial Group, zidovudine can be given during pregnancy from the 14 weeks age of gestation, and via intravenous route during labor. The neonate should receive it for 6 weeks.ACOG , however recommends continuation of treatment for the pregnant women who had the medication prior to their pregnancy. Lamivudine and Nevirapine can be added as combination, according to Marino.

Furthermore, the ACOG, Sumpaico et al. and Marino supports the idea of testing the HIV patients for the presence of other forms of sexually transmitted diseases. The hepatitis B and C should also be detected.

Sumpaico et al. recommends the cesarean delivery (CS) for the patients with this condition because the rupture of the water bag during labor could expose baby to the virus.According to the ACOG website, the CS is scheduled at 37 weeks age of gestation to avoid the labor process. Marino said that the low CD4 of the patients can be risky for the procedure, but antibiotics could help alleviate the risk. The benefit should be weighed against the risk of exposure of the offspring to the dreaded virus.

Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer: Did it Deliver the Goods?

Has the multiplayer, which has become the foundation of the Call of Duty franchise, in Black Ops lived up to the much anticipated hype or have we expected to much?

If you’re reading this then I probably don’t have to go into some deep analysis of playing on-line in Call of Duty. It can be hours of bliss filled gaming mixed with an equal amount of time wanting to throw your controller through the T.V. But has Black Ops captured this roller coaster ride of emotions that we are used to feeling? Let’s take a look at the good and the ugly to discover the truth.


  1. Many of the things that made us rage with Modern Warfare 2 have been fixed. The dreaded One Man Army/Danger Close grenade launcher combo is gone. MW2 became less of a FPS and more of playing dodge-ball where you had to dodge the ball by 100 feet to not get tagged. It was frustrating and game-breaking at times. Commando has went bye-bye as well. Gone are the days of watching as a victim waves his magical knifewand and teleports through your barrage of bullets only to shank you in the moneymaker. Killstreaks no longer add to the next killstreak making the game less about them and more about good old fashioned gun slinging.
  2. The leveling up system has improved. Leveling up works on a system in which you must earn COD points that you use to purchase upgrades. This is great because if you are not a sniper you don’t need to waste your time getting the gear to do it successfully. You can concentrate on buying the perks, weapons, attachments, etc that fit your playstyle. And by accepting contracts to complete while you are playing your preferred game mode you are adding a variety to the game that keeps it from become same old same old.
  3. Stopping power has been removed. I actually thought this would annoy me but it has had the opposite effect. Guns still do the job quick enough but now I’m not handcuffed into that perk and can enjoy the others that are offered. In MW2 you almost had to use it because 90% of people did and they would hand you your breakfast.
  4. Combat Training. A mode that lets you experience the multiplayer aspect of the game while playing against computer controlled bots. This mode gives you a chance to practice with some new items, learn the maps, and whatever else you would like before entering the competitive arena of human players. It also gives your wife or little brother a place to play so they don’t obliterate your hard earned KDR. All and all it’s very fun and I was surprised at how well the A.I. moved throughout the game. If you didn’t know better you would think you were actually playing real opponents.
  5. Theater Mode. I don’t get into using this much but I can see where many wannabe elite COD YouTubers can find this useful. It’s a mode where your past games are saved and you can go through and re-watch them or upload them to become the next YouTube sensation.



  1. Getting into the game with a party of friends can become time consuming and can flat out make you pop in something else. The most frustrating part is a lot of times you will finally get into a match only to see you’ve lost a few of your friends on the way. This leads to backing out, picking them up again, and once again awaiting to hit the lottery and finding a game.
  2. Hit detection seems a bit off. Now this may do with lag issues but it’s not something I’ve encountered in past games. I’ve got hit markers on people that were not in the same zip code of my crosshairs. In turn I’ve been on the receiving end of the same scenario quite often.
  3. The sounds on this game are a step back. Footsteps, when you actually can hear them, sound like someone stepping on a wet sponge. The guns and killstreak choppers just don’t have that intense impact sound we’ve become accustomed to hearing.
  4. The nerfing of all things that go boom. One of MW2’s biggest flaws was the power of explosives. Its seems as Black Ops has over compensated trying to relieve us of this by greatly reducing the impact of explosives. I think they did a good job of limiting your access to explosives on one given life and the nerf on damage is a fine idea, but it needs to be somewhere in the middle of what is was and what it is now.

So a week after the release what is the verdict? Well there’s enough added material to make the game feel fresh and fun while abiding by the proven successful formula that is the core of the Call of Duty multiplayer experience. The cons are nothing so game-breaking that would make the game unworthy of enjoying. The party system is something that definitely needs addressed in a patch but with Treyarch’s track record I’m not worried about them correcting this problem. Bottom line however is that the multiplayer proves to be a worthwhile experience.