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How To Lose Weight – Check the steps to follow!!

Welcome to Stage 1 of the Eliminate Pounds Eating habits. For anybody just beginning here, let me swiftly mention that this pounds reduction diet regime strategy is totally free of charge. Certainly, seriously. There will be nothing to pay for or sign up for at any time. It really is all cost-free. I swear. Now, on to Phase 1.

The function of Phase one is planning to make a ton of sense. You see, to be able to efficiently accomplish your weight reduction targets, you are planning to initial should fully grasp how to get rid of weight. (I told you it would make sense.) Thats what Stage one is. A comprehensive, yet quick to realize explanation of exactly whats necessary for fat loss to acquire area. How it happens, why it takes place, and most essential of all… what you have to do as a way to make it happen. It is possible to not skip ahead. You might ought to know this so as to create your weight loss diet regime strategy in Stage 2.

So, to sum up, from the end of this page you are likely to know how to lose fat. Sound great? Good. Lets get to it…

You know whenever you eat food and drink drinks? Well, each one particular of those foods and every 1 of those drinks contain calories from fat. Say it with me… unhealthy calories. The cause Im mentioning calories to you as even though you might be 5 years old is due to the fact the response towards almighty how to lose weight” question all revolves around high fat calories. Not just does almost everything you consume and consume contain high fat calories, but everything you need to do uses up unhealthy calories. Actually every single step you carry and every move you make uses up high fat calories. In simple fact, your physique really expends hundreds and even a large number of calories from fat each and every evening on its own just functioning. You can sit nevertheless all evening and your entire body would nevertheless burn unhealthy calories. Proven weight loss is effective with the following of certain steps. The burning of the calories will provide a healthy and fit body to the people. All the details are gathered from the best source for the good health of the person. It will offer the best results to the individuals in the reduction of the fat and weight. 

So now you may well be questioning, if anything you eat contains calories from fat, and anything you need to do expends unhealthy calories, shouldnt they just cancel every other out? Indeed, they ought to… and they do. If you eat the specific identical quantity of calories from fat that your entire body uses up each and every day, your pounds would remain exactly the identical. If your system normally expends 3000 fat laden calories a morning, and also you happen to eat 3000 unhealthy calories a working day, your weight would not alter. In this instance, 3000 high fat calories is whats known as a calorie upkeep place. It really is the quantity of calories from fat essential to the physique to sustain its current pounds.

I ought to possibly have you repeat calorie upkeep level” with me, simply because if theres one issue more important than high fat calories with regards to losing pounds.. it really is your calorie servicing stage.

Your calorie upkeep degree is quite helpful to learn. Believe of it like its your bodys fat reduction password, and knowing itll get you into your personal private pounds reduction method. Once youre in, you are going to have the ability to handle your weight with ease. In reality, for everyone questioning how to get rid of bodyweight, that is the quantity in the heart of that response. The greatest way I can explain why is by telling you the huge secret.

Like I stated, every single persons human body requirements a certain number of calories every single evening in purchase for them to maintain their current bodyweight. This really is your repair degree. In case your diet regime strategy is produced up in the Same amount of calories from fat as this repair place, your excess weight will remain the similar. Nonetheless, if your eating habits is built up of Much more high fat calories than your upkeep place, you are going to Obtain excess weight. But if your diet regime is built up of Much less fat laden calories than your maintenance level You will Drop Pounds!

Is Custom Sticker Will Help You To Take Your Business On Another Level?

If you are using a custom sticker for promoting your business, then it will surely help you to grow. As a reason, there are a lot of platforms where you will find high competition such that with the help of custom stickers, you will be able to express. For crafting stickers over an online platform, it is important for you to learn about the use of custom stickers. 

It has now become very popular because there are a lot of platforms online through which you can get access to all these services. Nonetheless, for designing purposes, considering this platform will surely help you to learn about custom designing tools. You can also think about t särkide trükk services. 

Why custom sticker?

The main objective of choosing a custom sticker is that working on a tool for acquiring and modifying stickers is important. It will also help you to grow your business on a larger scale, which will help in managing stickers as per your requirement. It will make your designing convenient as well as it is a developing process. 

Beneficial for business:

You will be able to grow your business if and only if you know about using some unique and creative ideas. As a reason, if you want to grow your business within a short period of time, then your ideas and concepts should be new and unique. This is the only way through which you will take your business on another level. 

The last verdict as,

As a reason, their come several instances when you will feel and plan to grow your business by using a custom sticker. All this will be done by using the right tool as well as a platform that will increase the level of your business for sure.

Use CBD For A Better and Quality Sleep

Sleep is a necessity that we have to take. It is vital yet still usually neglected, component of every individual’s general well-being and health. It allows our body to repair, be fit and be ready for another day. Getting enough sleep and rest also prevents excess weight gain, increased illness duration and heart diseases. However, not all of us are blessed enough to have adequate and quality sleep. Some people are living in a a chronic sleep. This deprives them state affects of overall health and cognitive function. This can also cause decreased libido. Weakened immunity, fatigue, weight gain and risk for some illnesses. 

You can tell if someone is deprived of sleep by some signs. These include irritability, depression, forgetfulness, difficulty learning, lack of focus and others. Some people don’t value the opportunity they have to get enough sleep while some people are eager on how to get enough of it. Nowadays, there are lots of medications offered in the marketplace for insomnia. Most of common of those is everyday flu, cold, and antihistamine medicines like Benadryl and Nyquil. However, there are some side effects of taking these medicines such as drowsiness, grogginess, headaches and heart palpitation. 

With all of those side effects of traditional medication, some medical experts recommend using CBD. According to study, if this substance is taken ½ hour before bed time, it will function effectively to give you enough and quality sleep. Traditionally, CBD is used to medicate anxiety. Today, with the continuous development of studies and research, CBD has also been proven to be very effective in addressing the problems of people who suffer from insomnia. CBD contains a calming effect on our central nervous system, this reduces out anxiety through the regulations of the stress hormone cortisol production. CBD is also an effective muscle relaxant and pain reliever which helps the patients with disorder in their movement like Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease to have quality and enough sleep. Studies also claim that CBD helps in eliminating nightmares in those who have REM Sleep behavior disorder. 

Some medical experts recommend drinking CBD sleep cocktail every night before bed. You just have to simply mix the CBD oil into a tasty and simple juice cocktail containing tart cherries which is considered as a natural source of melatonin. The ingredients of CBD Sleep cocktail include 1 cup tart cherry juice, 1 cup white grape juice, ½ dropper valerian root tincture, preferred dose of CBD oil for sleep.

Overall, not having enough and quality sleep is certainly frustrating. This makes us irritated, lack of focus and concentration and worse, it might impose some serious illness to our health in the future. Hence, if you are one of the people who suffer from insomnia, it is advisable to consult your doctor and ask for remedies and medication to address your sleep disorder. Since CBD has been proven to be effective in treating insomnia, you may also want to consider asking your doctor about it.

Shed Your Extra Fats With La Weight Loss

The world is facing a new problem of obesity. It is being witnessed all around the world with no exception. People are increasingly becoming obese and over weight. This obesity is a serious problem and needs to be looked into. Obesity creates a lot of health problems.

There are two main reasons responsible for this increasing weight all around the globe. Increasing physical inactivity is one of the main reasons for this. With the advent of technological wonders the life of the people has become very easy. Every task seems to be a minutes game. Thanks to the invention of gadgets. But due to these inventions the amount of physical activity has decreased. People keep on sitting at a place doing their work with not much movement. With the computerization of work the paper work has decreased. This has led to the accumulation of fats in the body as the required physical work is not done and the calories dont burn. The reason responsible for this increasing obesity is the faulty food habits. People are increasingly getting attracted towards fast food. This food is rich in fats and requires more physical activity to be performed to burn the calories but on account of the arrival of gadgets for every work, the physical movement has decreased. The fats keep on getting accumulated in the body leading to obesity. The best fat burner will reduce the excessive fat from the body of the people. The physical movement of the people is excellent with the consumption of the fat burner. All the requirements and needs are fulfilled with the purchase of the fat reduction supplements. 

Obesity gives rise to a lot of health problems like heart problems and many other cardio vascular problems. So getting rid of this problem is very important. When you go the market you will find endless number of weight loss products. You need to be wise enough to choose the genuine one as most of them are just aimed at emptying your pockets. If you allow me to suggest you one it would be LA weight loss. LA weight loss is a proven medical solution to weight gain since a long time. It is not an exercise schedule, not a diet program or any type of behavior modification. It is built around a low calorie diet along with a small dose of hormone called HCG that stimulates your metabolism. The HCG Los Angeles is safe to be taken by both man and woman.

It attempts to correct the psychological cause of obesity or the inability to loose weight. The diet can help you in losing of a pound or more in a single day. It helps you in losing weight in problem areas like abdomen, thighs etc. when you join their program they will make a study of your case highlighting the causes of your obesity and help you in overcoming those. Weight loss Los Angeles is a proven medical solution, you need not to worry about its results. It will definatly benefit you. It will help you in not only losing weight but also keeping it off for the rest of you life. The program will provide you valuable information and a system that will let you look and feel better.

The Best way to Explore 1.8 – Dungeon Pack for Minecraft

Dungeons are my daily grind. Actually, not so much anymore. But back when I could afford to delve into crypts and barrows on a regular basis, I would spend many an hour below ground. I should probably have taken more enjoyment from enchanted forests and misty, mystic seas, but RPGs have reinforced my love for the dark and dank. Dungeons are where the treasure is found, after all.

You’d think that the assorted deaths I’ve experienced in dungeons would make me rather raw about the subject. Somehow, my countless subterranean hours have not chafed me. In fact, I think I might have a problem – if a game is lacking in dungeons for me to crawl, I spend thirty minutes every day exploring the Californian sewer system. For those wondering, I’ve yet to find any enchanted swords among the sludge.

As you can probably tell, I need my dungeon fix. Vanilla Minecraft does include dungeons, but let’s be honest – they’re nothing to write home about. A spawner and a chest in a couple of square rooms? Pretty pitiful. If you have any attachment to exploring dungeons, want more loot, or a good place to test out your awesome weapon and magic mods, you should really check out Stuuupiiid’s Dungeon Pack along with Minecraft accounts buy with the best weapons and stats.

My old approach to dungeons was to find and download separate mods, with the hope of trying to make them work together. As someone who does not code well, this often proved disastrous, and I ruined just as many game worlds as I enhanced. Luckily, I eventually discovered the beauty of a modpack – a bunch of compatible and related mods jammed into one download. This is one of the more beautiful of such packs.

The Dungeon Pack adds near thirty (twenty-nine, in truth) dungeon types to the game, from floating islands (pictured above) to towers of obsidian to ice fortresses to pirate ships. The sheer variety of dungeons included in this pack will have you stumbling upon new dungeon types for quite some time.

Something vanilla Minecraft’s dungeons lack is a sense of scale or age. Dungeons are supposed to be the vestiges of old civilizations, rooms, and relics from times long past. And yet, Minecraft’s dungeons are nothing more than a few square rooms sealed deep underground. Where are the old towers, decrepit armories, and mystic emporiums that Minecraft’s ancient inhabitants left behind?

Without this mod, they’re nowhere to be found. With this mod, you’ll find prisons, treehouses, colosseums, prisons, and tons of other dungeon types scattered about the world. Like classic dungeons, you will be pitted against a horde of monsters, who spawn inside the dungeon. Locating and destroying their spawner will open the way to looking for loot – can’t be rifling through a chest with Creepers roaming about, can we?

A lot of the structures in this mod are really cool – if you’re looking for a nice frame on which to build a home, try clearing out a dungeon and setting up camp inside of it! This mod is compatible with the most recent version of Minecraft, v1.8.

Review: Funky Barn 3D

Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of a farm. A very naked, desolate farm, but a farm none-the-less. It’s now your job to turn your starter farm into something incredible. You can send the Egg Collector out to pick up and sell your eggs, use the Flying FruitBox-Haybale-Copter to pick up your fruits and grain with many other crazy contraptions to help make farm-life easier- and wackier at your disposal. And, of course, no farm is complete without cute, round, googly-eyed animals.

At the very core of Funky Barn 3D, it’s a tap-to-play game. First off, the animals just get dropped off at the farm. There’s no need to buy them and they pile up in a hurry. For anyone used to time-based farm games where you can check back on your game in fifteen minutes will be in for a surprise; Funky Barn is quite fast-paced which was both a blessing and a curse. I, myself, can’t stand time-based games where you have to sit and wait awhile for things to happen, but even this title got stressful with how much was going on. I was constantly tapping for food troughs, food, water, water troughs, trees, barns… Anything and everything to make those darn needy animals happy. I was ready to tear my hair out with the endless pop-ups.

Having said that, Funky Barn does have some fun and quirky features. Although it’s a little rough around the edges, I enjoyed playing the game in a SimCity-like fashion by building the infrastructure of my farm and also managing the budget. What brought the nifty feature down was the drag-and-drop method of playing which made it much less accurate than I’d have liked. Sometimes placement of roads and the like became trial and error. I hate to say it, but most of the great features of this title were burdened by how much was going on at once. The interactivity which includes shaking trees to make fruit fall, putting the sheep into the Shearing Machine and even shaking the heck out of a cow while it’s eating strawberries (to create strawberry milk- go figure) became tedious and hard to enjoy when there were a thousand things happening at once.

Just like GTA, Funky Farm 3D is a pretty, amazing and cute game with a brightly coloured set and cartoony features. For GTA, if you use Modded GTA 5 accounts, you will surely experience the best of the game. You can have advanced ranks, money and you can almost do everything on the game without limits Sadly, it’s not very impressive. The 3D hardly pops and the graphics could easily be rivaled by a number of free-to-download farm games via mobile devices.

The one thing that wound up driving me nuts was how the top screen shows the farm and animals, but the bottom displays the animals and machinery as colour blotches on the map. Eventually, there are so many blotches that is it hard to tap on the correct one without tapping on a bunch of incorrect ones. It got incredibly frustrating. I just wanted to pick up my chicken! That’s all! At one point I wanted to pick up a baby chick, but instead tapped on a nearby water trench and deleted it. I was rather displeased.

Funky Barn 3D is a title that suffers from poor execution. The developer, Tantalus, had what could have been a pretty fun game to pick up and turned it into a stressful experience. Something so adorable shouldn’t make me debate seeing a doctor for high blood pressure. The graphics aren’t anything incredible, but they’re not terrible. The gameplay was what hurt the most and as much replay value as this game could have, I don’t see myself picking it up again in the nearby future in fear for my health.

Are you looking for the best Local Computer Repair Technician? Points To Consider!!!

Choosing a genuine computer repair technician can be a difficult task when so many options are available in the market.  Solving a complicated problem in a computer can be a difficult task for a person because it requires a certified and reputed technician that can solve an issue. This particular system has become an integral part of life. Opt for a genuine work service technician that offers an instant solution. A person should opt for a qualified technician that can solve a complicated issue in the system. Users should Visit now for laptop technicians in Perth and choose the best one.  Searching the best computer service technician has become easier through the worth of mouth, family, friends, and co-workers. 

So many online tools are out there that will help you in finding genuine computer repair technicians like directory websites, Company rating websites, and others. The following are important considerations that a person must take into the account while selecting a Computer Repair Technician.

  • Use an online search engine.

The majority of the folks are choosing the technician using a search engine. Opt for an effective and certified computer repair technician that will help you in solving the complicated problem. A person should utilize proper time in finding a genuine technician. A proficient technician will able to repair the Computer, remove virus, and will assemble a computer.  You will just choose the best person who can fix a complicated issue on the computer.

  • Check website

So you have found a perfect platform that is providing service that you need. Therefore, a user should check so many important things like level of qualification, experience, certifications, and other things.  Some great laptop technicians are offering high-end quality services at nominal worth.  Reference will help you in choosing the genuine computer service. If possible, then one should choose a technician through a referral system.

  • Worth

You should make a relevant comparison to the service cost in several shops.  Recently, so many repairing companies are providing fantastic service at nominal worth.  If you want to improve the performance of your computer, then you should make contact with a technician who will fix a complicated problem.

  • Location

To save money on transportation costs, a person should choose a local laptop technician that will able to fix the problems. So many repairing shops are out there that is offering some great technician who will able to perform the repair works at home. A genuine computer repairing shop is associated with skilled and honest technicians. 

  • Check testimonials

While searching for a local computer expert, a user should check the review on popular websites like Yelp, Google, that is providing genuine bureau of business. You will able to get a perfect idea of the best companies in the local area. Users should ask from friends, co-workers, and family regarding the best technician.

  • Technical support on-site

Some companies are offering on-site support. They will able to diagnose complicated issues on the computer.  A lot of technicians are charging the extra cost for service and offering a genuine service. If you have a busy schedule, then you should always opt for a company with on-site support.

  • Worth of service

A person should create a list of the best technicians and consider a genuine one that will able to offer an instant solution to the users. The majority of the computer repair companies are charging as pr kinds of jobs. A person should pay fixed rates. In case they are replacing parts, then you will have to pay additional charges.

  • Guarantee of services

Thousands of reputed and certified companies come with No fix, no fee policy. It means, if they can’t fix your issue, then they will not charge a penny for the service. All you need to opt for an honest technician that will able to offer genuine service to you.  In case they are asking for a lot of money for the repairing related tasks, then it would be better to purchase a computer. Opt for a perfect technician that will surely offer the warranties on the part.

  • Personal recommendations

While choosing any computer repairing service, a person should pay close attention on the personal recommendation. A person must opt for a trustworthy technician that can fix the problem on a time.  After hiring a technician, user must ask so many important questions about, customer service, knowledge, qualification, data security and others. 

  • Look for different computer repair services

One has to find out best computer repairing services that will able to offer so many services. Majority of the best companies are offering auxiliary service. One has to choose a company that will able to give so many options. Some companies are providing cursory troubleshooting at free of cost. 

  • Credentials

Before hiring a technician, a person must check the credentials. You should choose a technician that already has a insurance to cover the damage. They accidently broke a hard drive, so you can easily get coverage. Consumer should choose a fully licensed and qualified technician that can fix the complicated issues in the computer.

The Final Verdict

Lastly, few companies are available in the market that well-versed in the repairing and software fixtures. One should opt for a repairing company that can handle both complicated service. It is important to consider a company that can deal with so many computer repairs.

An Introduction to PHP-Server Side Scripting

PHP is a scripting language which is also a programming language resembling “C” .Scripting language generally does not compile the written code, which is the case with PHP. It is among the very powerful category of programming languages. How scripting languages differ from programming languages? A scripting language does something only in response to events. A programming language does something even when it’s not responding to events. You get the best of both worlds here as it combines the positives of both programming and scripting. JavaScript is an example of a scripting language too; however its falls under the client side scripting language category. Here we are talking about the web server and the user’s browser. The browser is the client side and web server is on the server side. Unlike JavaScript which runs on the web browser, PHP runs on the web server.

PHP is designed to be used with html .It can be embedded with html, used alongside html and in the end return html to the browser.PHP pages will be the input while web pages will be the output. Files need to be ended with a .php extension to let the server know what we are talking about here. This is to ensure that the file is interpreted as PHP.PHP provides a lot more flexibility than html though.Html pages are static in nature. All visitors to the page see the same content with html, while they will see dynamic content when PHP is used. The page content can change based on interactions with the user or data stored in a database. If you know html, PHP can be imagined as turbo charging of html.PHP is similar in syntax with C, Java or Perl.ASP which stands for Active Server Pages is the Microsoft version on PHP.Its free and open source .There are certain licenses and restrictions of course. Being open source is one of the main reasons that it has grown so much. There are various versions available so that you can grab the source code, learn from it compile the language itself.

PHP is quite stable, fast and more importantly cross platform in nature. You can use PHP across platforms windows development server, Linux production server, Macintosh testing server or whatever you like in the same way. There may be slight web server concerns, but for the most part hassles are minimal. The next characteristic is that of no compilation. Being a scripting language, you don’t have to compile it .You just need to put your scripts into the folder where they will get executed on the server side. Your browser displays the results almost instantaneously or depending on how busy that web server is. You can grab the binary files and just install it. Apart from some minor configuration issues, it’s mostly easy to use and get started. There is also an active community where you’ll be able to download open source solutions, extend them and learn from them. A lot of code sharing goes on when it comes to PHP community which is one of the strongest out there. It is a very open community, which is slowly adding solutions that can be purchased. If you want further information on working with PHP and protect your source code check out the following website.

It’s a wonderful language to write scripts and codes using arrays, strings etc. which other languages may have problems with.PHP is also object oriented which is slowly becoming a trend.

All Servers Down for Hours After Blizzard’s Pre-WotLK WoW Patch


Nov 12 – All servers are down AGAIN, this time for a last minute ‘scheduled maintenance’. Servers went down at approximately 7:00 AM Eastern time, with the only estimate being that servers should start going up again in 3 hours.


Apparently mail wasn’t the only problem after this patch – many servers reported PVP gear pricing being out of whack, which some PVP gear being severely discounted or absolutely free. Blizzard has requested that WoW players refrain from exploiting this bug.


Blizzard has just announced that realms *should* be back up by 9:00 PM Eastern Time and WoW players will receive in-game mail about the mail issue…

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, World of Warcraft (WoW) has been completely disabled with all servers down since 8AM Eastern Time. The fact that all WoW servers/realms are down on a Tuesday morning isn’t unexpected – every WoW player knows that Tuesday is traditionally patch/maintenance day – but according to a blue post on the official Blizzard World of Warcraft website posted by the official Blizzard Poster Edralor, today’s patch threw everyone for a real loop. Apparently all mail in WoW player’s mailboxes pre-patch disappeared post-patch on every server. Every.Server.

Yikes! While Blizzard appears to be working diligently to repair this all-realm error, there is still no time estimate available as to when any servers will be up. This is affecting all WoW realms, both United States and Oceanic.

Many WoW players were anticipating an update of the pre-WotLK world events on the servers today, which started with a Zombie Plague and then moved in to a Scourge Invasion. Orgimmar (a major Horde faction city) was apparently under attack by frost wyrmlings and other monsters, and the Stormwind (a major Alliance faction city) had the King down at the Harbor as of late yesterday. So today’s all-server down time delay is a real frustration for those of us eager to find out what the WoW world event had to bring next, especially with the WotLK release date of November 13 just around the corner.

With millions of players scrambling to complete their Burning Crusade quests, add to their Achievements list, and amass as much WoW goldz as possible pre-release, this server down time snafu couldn’t have come at a worse time. New players should take heed that massive lag, server queues, and extended down time should be expected once WotLK is released – don’t assume you’ll zip right through leveling and hit 80 on your WoW main character by the weekend.

Take advantage of the server down time to research Northrend quests or find tips on leveling your professions – or have a back up game to take the edge off while you wait for your server to be available again. I’ll be working on more articles including how I earned over 20,000 gold in 6 weeks in preparation for the WotLK release, so be sure to subscribe to my articles or add my profile to your favorites for that and other articles to maximize your WoW experience.

And cross your fingers that servers will be up in time for you to meet your pre-release goals!

Welcome to the Birthday Wars

I am a reasonable kind of gal with practical kinds of tastes. I don’t like giant to-dos or shin digs. I prefer modest, quiet engagements filled with people who mean the most to me. Big soirees are not my thing, but I won’t judge if it floats someone else’s proverbial boat.

Okay, not exactly.

Perhaps that isn’t 100 percent accurate. I won’t judge stark soirees unless ponies and trapeze artists get involved. I’m human, and that’s outrageous no matter how you cut it.


When my 10-year-old joined a competitive cheerleading gym, I became intensely familiar with a yet-to-be-filmed-on-Animal-Planet-phenomena known as the “cheer mom”. These ladies would bling themselves out in zebra print frocks, head to toe glitter and bedazzle their own eyelids if they thought it would somehow allow them live a little more vicariously through their daughter than they already were. Yet, I digress. Instead of discussing the phenomena, let’s examine the birthday parties.

Birthday Wars

I’m not quite sure which one of the moms started it, but somehow, somewhere along the way we went from pancakes to triple layer cakes, ponies and spa days for 8-year-olds. Color me old fashioned, but what happened to cake, piñatas and dollar store tiaras?

These women were at war, and like many other warmongers before them, I don’t think they thought through the costs.

I Know Something You Don’t Know

I’m not a curmudgeon (completely). I believe in having a lovely time, but there was a seedy underbelly to the birthday wars, that only I was privy to.

Affording the Birthday Wars

As a real estate professional, I had consulted several of these cheer moms after they came to me seeking advice to avoid foreclosure. They were throwing $1,500 shindigs and paying $15,000 a year for their daughter to cheer, but they couldn’t keep up with their mortgage payment. And it wasn’t just one family, it was several.

For nine months, I sat back and watch mother after mother spend money she didn’t have on things she didn’t need in order to impress people that she genuinely didn’t even like, and all the while, the bank was calling.

Granted, I am not saying that a child’s birthday party was to blame for the entire these families teetering on the precipice of financial ruin, but it is a clear example of how overspending can land you in a world of trouble. A couple of these families actually lost their homes because they refused to change their ways. When asked to justify the birthday expense, I never heard a decent reason from any one of the generals of the Birthday Wars.

So I ask you: How much is “too much” to spend on a child’s birthday party?