Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of a farm. A very naked, desolate farm, but a farm none-the-less. It’s now your job to turn your starter farm into something incredible. You can send the Egg Collector out to pick up and sell your eggs, use the Flying FruitBox-Haybale-Copter to pick up your fruits and grain with many other crazy contraptions to help make farm-life easier- and wackier at your disposal. And, of course, no farm is complete without cute, round, googly-eyed animals.

At the very core of Funky Barn 3D, it’s a tap-to-play game. First off, the animals just get dropped off at the farm. There’s no need to buy them and they pile up in a hurry. For anyone used to time-based farm games where you can check back on your game in fifteen minutes will be in for a surprise; Funky Barn is quite fast-paced which was both a blessing and a curse. I, myself, can’t stand time-based games where you have to sit and wait awhile for things to happen, but even this title got stressful with how much was going on. I was constantly tapping for food troughs, food, water, water troughs, trees, barns… Anything and everything to make those darn needy animals happy. I was ready to tear my hair out with the endless pop-ups.

Having said that, Funky Barn does have some fun and quirky features. Although it’s a little rough around the edges, I enjoyed playing the game in a SimCity-like fashion by building the infrastructure of my farm and also managing the budget. What brought the nifty feature down was the drag-and-drop method of playing which made it much less accurate than I’d have liked. Sometimes placement of roads and the like became trial and error. I hate to say it, but most of the great features of this title were burdened by how much was going on at once. The interactivity which includes shaking trees to make fruit fall, putting the sheep into the Shearing Machine and even shaking the heck out of a cow while it’s eating strawberries (to create strawberry milk- go figure) became tedious and hard to enjoy when there were a thousand things happening at once.

Just like GTA, Funky Farm 3D is a pretty, amazing and cute game with a brightly coloured set and cartoony features. For GTA, if you use Modded GTA 5 accounts, you will surely experience the best of the game. You can have advanced ranks, money and you can almost do everything on the game without limits Sadly, it’s not very impressive. The 3D hardly pops and the graphics could easily be rivaled by a number of free-to-download farm games via mobile devices.

The one thing that wound up driving me nuts was how the top screen shows the farm and animals, but the bottom displays the animals and machinery as colour blotches on the map. Eventually, there are so many blotches that is it hard to tap on the correct one without tapping on a bunch of incorrect ones. It got incredibly frustrating. I just wanted to pick up my chicken! That’s all! At one point I wanted to pick up a baby chick, but instead tapped on a nearby water trench and deleted it. I was rather displeased.

Funky Barn 3D is a title that suffers from poor execution. The developer, Tantalus, had what could have been a pretty fun game to pick up and turned it into a stressful experience. Something so adorable shouldn’t make me debate seeing a doctor for high blood pressure. The graphics aren’t anything incredible, but they’re not terrible. The gameplay was what hurt the most and as much replay value as this game could have, I don’t see myself picking it up again in the nearby future in fear for my health.

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