Dungeons are my daily grind. Actually, not so much anymore. But back when I could afford to delve into crypts and barrows on a regular basis, I would spend many an hour below ground. I should probably have taken more enjoyment from enchanted forests and misty, mystic seas, but RPGs have reinforced my love for the dark and dank. Dungeons are where the treasure is found, after all.

You’d think that the assorted deaths I’ve experienced in dungeons would make me rather raw about the subject. Somehow, my countless subterranean hours have not chafed me. In fact, I think I might have a problem – if a game is lacking in dungeons for me to crawl, I spend thirty minutes every day exploring the Californian sewer system. For those wondering, I’ve yet to find any enchanted swords among the sludge.

As you can probably tell, I need my dungeon fix. Vanilla Minecraft does include dungeons, but let’s be honest – they’re nothing to write home about. A spawner and a chest in a couple of square rooms? Pretty pitiful. If you have any attachment to exploring dungeons, want more loot, or a good place to test out your awesome weapon and magic mods, you should really check out Stuuupiiid’s Dungeon Pack along with Minecraft accounts buy with the best weapons and stats.

My old approach to dungeons was to find and download separate mods, with the hope of trying to make them work together. As someone who does not code well, this often proved disastrous, and I ruined just as many game worlds as I enhanced. Luckily, I eventually discovered the beauty of a modpack – a bunch of compatible and related mods jammed into one download. This is one of the more beautiful of such packs.

The Dungeon Pack adds near thirty (twenty-nine, in truth) dungeon types to the game, from floating islands (pictured above) to towers of obsidian to ice fortresses to pirate ships. The sheer variety of dungeons included in this pack will have you stumbling upon new dungeon types for quite some time.

Something vanilla Minecraft’s dungeons lack is a sense of scale or age. Dungeons are supposed to be the vestiges of old civilizations, rooms, and relics from times long past. And yet, Minecraft’s dungeons are nothing more than a few square rooms sealed deep underground. Where are the old towers, decrepit armories, and mystic emporiums that Minecraft’s ancient inhabitants left behind?

Without this mod, they’re nowhere to be found. With this mod, you’ll find prisons, treehouses, colosseums, prisons, and tons of other dungeon types scattered about the world. Like classic dungeons, you will be pitted against a horde of monsters, who spawn inside the dungeon. Locating and destroying their spawner will open the way to looking for loot – can’t be rifling through a chest with Creepers roaming about, can we?

A lot of the structures in this mod are really cool – if you’re looking for a nice frame on which to build a home, try clearing out a dungeon and setting up camp inside of it! This mod is compatible with the most recent version of Minecraft, v1.8.

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