Sleep is a necessity that we have to take. It is vital yet still usually neglected, component of every individual’s general well-being and health. It allows our body to repair, be fit and be ready for another day. Getting enough sleep and rest also prevents excess weight gain, increased illness duration and heart diseases. However, not all of us are blessed enough to have adequate and quality sleep. Some people are living in a a chronic sleep. This deprives them state affects of overall health and cognitive function. This can also cause decreased libido. Weakened immunity, fatigue, weight gain and risk for some illnesses. 

You can tell if someone is deprived of sleep by some signs. These include irritability, depression, forgetfulness, difficulty learning, lack of focus and others. Some people don’t value the opportunity they have to get enough sleep while some people are eager on how to get enough of it. Nowadays, there are lots of medications offered in the marketplace for insomnia. Most of common of those is everyday flu, cold, and antihistamine medicines like Benadryl and Nyquil. However, there are some side effects of taking these medicines such as drowsiness, grogginess, headaches and heart palpitation. 

With all of those side effects of traditional medication, some medical experts recommend using CBD. According to study, if this substance is taken ½ hour before bed time, it will function effectively to give you enough and quality sleep. Traditionally, CBD is used to medicate anxiety. Today, with the continuous development of studies and research, CBD has also been proven to be very effective in addressing the problems of people who suffer from insomnia. CBD contains a calming effect on our central nervous system, this reduces out anxiety through the regulations of the stress hormone cortisol production. CBD is also an effective muscle relaxant and pain reliever which helps the patients with disorder in their movement like Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease to have quality and enough sleep. Studies also claim that CBD helps in eliminating nightmares in those who have REM Sleep behavior disorder. 

Some medical experts recommend drinking CBD sleep cocktail every night before bed. You just have to simply mix the CBD oil into a tasty and simple juice cocktail containing tart cherries which is considered as a natural source of melatonin. The ingredients of CBD Sleep cocktail include 1 cup tart cherry juice, 1 cup white grape juice, ½ dropper valerian root tincture, preferred dose of CBD oil for sleep.

Overall, not having enough and quality sleep is certainly frustrating. This makes us irritated, lack of focus and concentration and worse, it might impose some serious illness to our health in the future. Hence, if you are one of the people who suffer from insomnia, it is advisable to consult your doctor and ask for remedies and medication to address your sleep disorder. Since CBD has been proven to be effective in treating insomnia, you may also want to consider asking your doctor about it.

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