Cannabinoid or CBD is a chemical compound that is found in the cannabis Sativa plant as one of the many elements with some amazing healing properties that help in treating common ailments such as chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, digestive issues, skin conditions, and many other health issues. Since many of the nations have been legalizing the medical and recreational uses of marijuana and cannabinoid or CBD, many fake companies are also finding their way into the medical industry with their free trial CBD scams.

The lack of regulation process in the CBD product market has created a space for scam CBD companies. Since the legalization and entry of the CBD industry are entirely new in the medical industry, many CBD users are yet unaware of what they should buy or look for. As a result, it is setting up a favorable environment for CBD scammers to operate very smoothly. This article will clear the 4 most common CBD scams and bring them into the spotlight. To know about the 4 CBD scam, everyone should be aware of, see this here:

  • The ‘Free Trial’ scam:

When people come across such chances of getting free trials, many assume that this is legit and they can avail themselves of the free trial of CBD as it seems like a good and honest attempt to gather people’s attention and brand loyalty. Besides, people have to be aware of the fact that CBD is expensive that is, a bottle can also cost anywhere from $30 to $300 depending on the potency and size or amount of the oil. And because of a lot of health benefits, it becomes nearly hard to resist getting a ‘free bottle’ of CBD oil.

  • Fake CBD companies or some copycat brands:

Fake or copycat CBD brands and companies often use the names of some reputable companies and indeed abuse these precious resources. Such copycat brands offer a lot of fake things to their customers and these scams wholly aim to create confusion and chaos in people’s minds into purchasing from their website. Because of certain different names, people end up misspelling the brand name and become part of the many victims of these scams.

  • False or irrational claims:

Some of the fake CBD companies often claim some unrealistic things such as 100% purity, bioavailability, and the potency, quality, and benefits of their products. Most of these scam companies do operate smoothly to sell their poor-quality products in online mode. Whilst some may completely disagree to conclude it as a scam, however practice of selling products is not real at all.

  • Multilevel or network marketing:

This type of marketing has been around for quite a long time and they use many tricks to convince the customers, however, most of them are indeed nothing but scams. These are some pieces of evidence that some MLM companies are also smoothly operating in the CBD industry. Brand ambassadors sell their CD products to their connections under multi-level marketing. Though a few of these ambassadors are legit most of them are pyramid schemes.

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